Kryo Sleep Performance System

The Kryo Sleep Performance System is the latest IoT product that I have collaborated on for Chili Technology Inc, based in Charlotte, NC.

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The Kryo is a water-based, App-controlled active cooling mattress topper that improves your quality of sleep. The app connects via Bluetooth and incorporates sleep data from fitness trackers like Fitbit. The benefits to the product are innumerable, from being able to remotely control your Kryo temperature from your phone, to scheduling the device so that it remains at the preferred temperature or awakens you by warming-up, which is a more natural and less abrasive alarm clock. Interestingly, the product can be set to adjust temperatures throughout the night based on your unique sleep patterns. Kryo therefore helps to create a better sleeping environment and habit.

My work on the Kryo began in 2017. I helped launch Chili Technology from producing standalone temperature controlled mattresses to fully intelligent, connected devices with sleep analytics.

The work ranged from persistent communication and visits with the China based Product Engineers & Manufacture to cloud architecture and product strategy.

Using Bluetooth presented interesting challenges for an IoT product and led to the use of a PAAG (Phone As A Gateway) solution to provide persistent connectivity to the Kryo device. The single MCU solution is comprised of a Bluetooth SoC optimized for ease of manufacturability, time to market, design complexity, and cost.

The product has lots of potential given how products like Fitbit are struggling to create a tangible improvement to the user’s life. The Kryo can improve sleep by making intelligent decisions based on sleep data from various fitness trackers and fully automate sleep improvement.

The amount of interest and funding for the Kryo has proven very encouraging with over 260K raised via Crow Funding igg.me/at/sleepkryo/x. While, increasing market shares have differentiated the product in the market space. The market is rife for the Kryo, something that co-founder of Chili Technology, Todd Youngblood knows all-to-well. Todd’s uncle invented the waterbed 45 years ago and remembered that consumers were particularly impressed by how cool they felt sleeping on the waterbeds. While the takeoff of the foam mattress several years ago further indicates that consumers are still eager for new, and more comfortable night’s sleep. However, the foam mattress received criticism for being too hot. The Kryo is the perfect solution in a neat a modern package, not only providing a better night’s rest but also using technology to track and measure your sleeping habits to fully optimize your sleep potential.

Having a better sleep will improve virtually every aspect of life from health, to energy levels and the ability to stay focused longer. The Kryo is a project that furthers my personal goal of tackling problems and providing results that can provide a better way of life.

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